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How to Wear Velvet During the Day

The velvet trend has been going round and round in the fashion world for a while now. Men wore it on suit jackets and women usually on boots. At the beginning of the year, the trend was even found on bikinis. But fall 2017 brings velvet on everything from accessories like bags and kitten heel shoes, to dresses, jackets and hats. Yet, how do you wear it during the day?

Velvet is a precious material that can glam-up any night ensemble. It’s no wonder heirloom pieces as are passed among generations. But it is surprising for the fashion world to promote it so fervently for two autumns in a row.

But let’s give Caesar’s his due! It looks good and it fells cozy. And for this cold season, the biggest styling trick is to tone the elegance down for day looks. Just think of modernizing an otherwise classic Christmas fashion mix.

How to wear velvet during the day

Top 10 styling tips for wearing velvet during the day

  1. Opt for a classic black velvet slip dress, but add a white masculine shirt or a pair of white sneakers to make the outfit sporty. If you’re bold, wear a velvet suit-dress with knee-high boots.
  2. Another fun alternative is to wear a slip dress in romantic blush shades with a grey hoodie and rock-studded black leather boots. Cheers to punk’s rebirth!
  3. Velvet blazers are this season’s must have. Buy a burgundy one or give green a try. Wear it with grey t-shirts, unfinished jeans and loafers. Just think of them like alternatives to biker leather jackets.
  4. High waist trousers are also a must for fall 2017. Wear them in dark tones of green and brown; go for baggy styles or even flare 70s ones. Add a white shirt or a black roll-neck and pointy shoes to finish the look.
  5. When velvet clothes are too much, opt to wear accessories. Velvet shoes or sock boots in pink or orange go well with a smart suit.
  6. Velvet boots will uplift any jeans and sweater look. Wear them in bold colors like yellow, red, purple or pink.
  7. If you’re not that into velvet, just take it slow. Opt to wear a French red velvet berette, a scarf with a bow, a wide belt and maybe a clutch or mini bag.
  8. If the weather permits, wear a velvet A-line skirt in a nude shade. Add a military green blouse or jumper as these two colors will go great together.
  9. If you’re feeling the skirt, don’t be afraid to try out the longer models too. Wear them with a delicate lace body to balance out the look. And for a full-on velvet outfit, add a jacket over the blouse or knitted sweater.
  10. For turning heads, get a velvet robe involved. The royal blue shade or the sexy purple will make any look a statement one, even if you’re wearing jeans. What’s more, it will also be a utilitarian item as velvet keeps you warm.

There’s a lot of velvet for everybody!




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