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How to Do Fashion Comfortably

There are so many trends and styles at your disposal that it’s no longer acceptable to fear fashion or fret putting together chic looks. This fun industry is offering you everything you need to develop urban armor.

Comfort is important on a day to day basis when you have a lot of tasks to fulfill. And “comfort” can be an office look, as well as a party look and a casual one for the weekend. What’s important is to find what makes you feel good and fits your body shape.

How to do fashion comfortably

What are comfortable looks?

When first pondering about a comfortable look, your mind travels to casual, sport inspired outfits. But you can be comfortably chic in jeans and shirts with sneakers, as well as in a combo of elegant dresses and flats. The key to success is to own the clothes, not the other way around.

The first step to finding fashion comfortable is to define your personal style and clean your wardrobe. Don’t look at others’ way of dressing without putting a personal touch. You’ll feel like an actor in clothes instead of them being your second skin. And wear only those which fit like a glove.

Listen to yourself first thing in the morning. If you’re feeling low and you don’t want to attract attention, wear cozy monochromatic clothes which will make you blend in. But if you need a pick-me-up, wear bold colors like red, yellow or purple and own it.

How to do fashion comfortably

What makes you feel comfortable?

Being fashionable has got nothing to do with seasonal trends. It’s about putting on clothes based on your mood and intuition. Even if your best friend can pull off some whacky look with sweats and sequins, she can because of a bubbly personality, and you can’t. It’s all right to enjoy her rainbow presence, but you don’t have to also do it if you don’t feel comfortable.

If you have to go a place that requires a classic dress or skirt enable, but you’re not the type, don’t do it. Wear a trouser suit! Put on a feminine blouse and kitten heels. Be true to yourself and your personality with your style.

Everybody has a comfort zone which makes you feel confident about clothes. It’s all right to consider skirts and t-shirts, jeans and masculine shirts, dresses and suede boots your uniform. But it’s also great to surprise others and yourself with little tweaks here and there.

Opt for neutrals as day to day looks. Pick a signature color which makes you comfortable, yet it will be your statement go-to when you need to turn some heads. Remember that nobody will analyze you the way you do. It’s all in your mind, so why not please yourself?!



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