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4 Business Casual Closet Essentials for Every Woman

I recently went to a professional event – it was a mixer for people in my industry who are looking to be mentored by a seasoned professional.

Of course, I was elated to find out I had been selected to participate in the program, but I quickly realized there was one major problem…

I had nothing to wear.

Sure, I have a pair of black slacks and a few “dress shirts,” but nothing that I felt screamed the level of professional and put together that I wanted to portray.

So, of course, I went shopping…

I needed something “business casual” – meaning something that looked nice but wasn’t stilettos¬†and a midi. Are you with me?


And, what this made me realize is that there are a few staples I should keep in my closet at all times now that I have stepped into the “big girl world,” as I like to call it:

  1. A Black BlazerI know, I know. Didn’t I just say that business casual didn’t involve a blazer? It doesn’t…

    But, if you work in an environment where business casual is the norm, you will likely run into a situation where you need to dress it up a bit.

    A great, solid black blazer is a lifesaver when it comes to transforming your look.

  2. Ankle BootsI don’t know about you, but the idea of wearing heels all day every day to work seem torturous to me.

    So, this is where ankle boots come in…

    For the days when heels are a no-go, but flats just aren’t cutting it.

  3. Printed Button Downs (with some flair, of course!)I think there are few looks cuter than a great button down with some nice slacks.

    You can grab one with frill, one with an interesting print, or one that incorporates both!

  4. A Neutral CardiganA great, versatile cardigan is like that black blazer…

    But, this is more of your everyday look. It can add an extra “pop” to an outfit or cover up a spring shirt – making it appropriate for winter – on a cool day.

Okay, I’ve shared mine – now, what do you think are the business casual staples every woman should have in her closet?

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