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The Most Useful Brushes in Your Makeup Kit

So, I’ve never really been one of those girls that just drooled over makeup…

Yes, I do wear makeup and in fact, I wear it most days. But, if you were to give me $200 and say “go shopping,” I would spend it all on clothes – likely without ever even stepping foot into Ulta or Sephora.

But, recently, I’ve been on this little whim of taking an interest in makeup…

I think it mostly stems from looking at Pinterest a little too much and realizing I will never achieve the look I am going for if I don’t do the makeup right, too.

So, one of my newest purchases is a brand-new makeup brush set – apparently, I’m legit now.

But, I’ve found myself wondering which brush is best for which use…

So, here’s a guide for yours truly and you on the best makeup brushes in your set:

  1. Powder Brush

    This is my personal favorite! In the photo, it is the second brush from the left.

    Your powder brush is the thick, rounded brush. It lightly dusts the powder evenly across your face for a less concentrated look. And, the best part is that it doesn’t smear your foundation. Win, win!

  2. Angled Blush Brush

    This is that brush that is, you know, angled. It is rather thin and it is the perfect tool for brushing the blush right on the apples of your cheek. The angle of it allows it to perfectly glide right along with your cheekbones, rather than covering your entire cheek.

  3. All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

    This brush looks like your typical eyeshadow brush – it is small, rounded and thin. It almost looks like a mini version of your powder brush.

    And, well, the name says it all. This can smooth out the eyeshadow seamlessly across your eyelids – it is perfect for intense color.

  4. Fan BrushThis brush, well, it looks like a fan. This brush is every girl’s dream…

    Don’t you hate when you drop a little eyeshadow under your eye? Then, you go to rub it off and it just smears – making it look like you fell out of bed this morning.

    Well, that is what the fan brush is for! It gently sweeps away fallen eyeshadow or excess powder.

Okay, here comes the one million dollar question:

If you could only have one makeup brush, which would you say is your must-have?

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