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The Best Bras for Every Occasion

Do you remember when you first started wearing bras?

I think I was probably in about the third or fourth grade. My best friend at the time had started wearing them and so I was telling my mom that I needed to now.

Of course, like any good mom, she took me shopping for one and I just remember being overwhelmed with all the choices…

Some had padding, some didn’t, some had straps, some didn’t – and the choices just went on and on.

At that time, my mom advised against a padded one since I was so young – so, we started with just a basic trainer bra.

But, of course, I eventually graduated from that and have now come to realize that it isn’t a “one bra fits all occasions” world.

So, you have to have an array of bras so you can choose the best one for the occasion:

The Plunge Bra

Have you ever seen a woman wearing a deep, deep v-neck and she had the perfect cleavage…

But, you thought, “there is no way she could be wearing a bra” because the cut of the shirt would be revealing it.

Well, the plunge bra is likely her secret.

It is extremely popular for special occasions because it offers great support and a nice lift, but is readily hidden.

A Demi Bra

This staple bra is great for putting your prized possessions on display. It cuts slightly low so that it works great with a rounded neck top.

The Demi Bra is rarely wrong for any occasion – it offers great support, while still being comfortable and easy to wear with most outfits.

A Balcony Bra

My personal favorite is the balcony bra. It is designed to provide a dramatic uplift but it offers more coverage than the demi bra – therefore, it offers more support too.

But, what it really comes down to is the way each bra fits on your body and what you feel the most comfortable in.

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